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Get my GED?

The GED Test offers those who left school an opportunity to earn a high school credential.

GED examinees must demonstrate major skills (twelfth grade competencies that would have been acquired in a four-year high school education) in a battery of tests covering five major subject areas: Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts Writing, and Language Arts Reading. The GED tests are administered many times a year. Visit: Chesterfield County School Districts Schools

How much does it cost to take a test?

The cost for a GED test is $25 per test. There are five tests. If you pass the first four tests, the fifth test is free. Individuals must bring state photo I.D. No study aids (such as dictionaries or notes), cell phones, pagers, or beepers are allowed.

Where can I take the test?

You can contact the Chesterfield County Adult Education Center at 843 921-1040 to find out where the next GED will be given.

What if I don't pass a GED test the first time I take it?

The GED Testing Service allows GED test candidates to repeat a test up to two times per year. For a total of 3 attempts. Your test scores are valid for three years from the date of the first GED test taken.

Do I get a high school diploma if I pass the GED Test?

No. If you pass, you receive a General Equivalency Development Certificate.

I started my GED testing, but I never have finished.

GED test scores are valid for three years from the date of the first GED test taken. The GED Testing Service will introduce a new form of the GED test in the near future. Anyone who had started GED testing but failed to complete the testing successfully when the new form is released must begin the entire GED test again, including all fees.

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